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THEY ARE INCOMPETENT & DISCRIMINATE AGAINST WOMEN! I scheduled an appointment at the Westheimer location (store 545) for Saturday, April 7th. My Lexus RX350 with less than 70,000 miles was in need of brake pads. Although they weren’t completely worn down, I could hear a squeak alerting me that it was time to change them.

After receiving an assessment from the manager, Curtis Wayne Carr Jr, shared that yes I needed brake pads but he would also suggest rotors. I said that I didn’t seem to have issues with my rotors & he said “you eventually will. We can resurface them at a much lower cost instead.” Because I would be using my car to travel to Mississippi for a funeral (my brother was killed tragically), I thought better safe than sorry. So we agreed to have them resurfaced instead.

He said that this would save me time & money in the future, although again I felt I only needed brake pads. I agreed to pay $424.13 that day. After working on the car, they pulled it around sending me on my merry way. As I drove away, I could hear a knocking noise EVERY TIME I pressed my brakes. This was not an issue before but since the pads had just been changed, I figured it was a temporary sound that would go away quickly.

The next day (Sunday) I spent time with my family since we were preparing for the funeral. But I noticed the KNOCKING sound was still there. I called the location that Monday to speak with the manager Curtis. I was told he wasn’t there but to bring it in immediately. By the urgency in that person’s voice, I knew it was serious! In fact, when I made it to the location that afternoon, one of the guys was literally waiting for me before I could get out of the car to look at it. Ian was the tech who assessed my car the 2nd time & tried to convince me that I was “safe to drive out of state” even with the knocking brake noise. I told him there was no way I could trust that when it is my brakes! Not something less critical like a light or wipers but my brakes for God’s sake! He attempted to convince me that it was my wheel lock/nuts. I responded by reminding him that the noise was NOT there before they worked on my car & that I had just been at Discount Tire a couple of weeks before buying new tires so I know that wasn’t the issue. He then told me he was in training (go figure) & that I could come back when the manager was there which would be either the next day or Wednesday. He was too lazy even confirm that.

Unfortunately we had to head to Mississippi sooner than I thought so I called the store before leaving (Wednesday) & spoke with Curtis. He told me it was ok to come in when I returned back to TX (following Tuesday). Because my car was not up to par, I rented a car (extra cost of $160) for the safety of my family. I returned back to the location yesterday & was APPALLEDby the treatment I received!

Curtis assessed the car again & called me to the mechanic area. He attempted to convince me that the knocking noise was coming from the front of the car when it wasn’t. He was literally going to try to convince me to pay for another service that I clearly didn’t need. Especially when it was more than clear that the sound was coming from the back end of the car (rotors that he suggested be resurfaced). He didn’t object because he knew I was right!

He told me they would “shave” them down some more & that would fix the problem. I said “fine”. However, it was clear they were ready to leave since it was so close to closing time. My only hope was that they fixed what I paid $424.13 for! They didn’t.

He sped my car around, motioning that they were done! He walked into the lobby area & casually said “ok, you are done but the knocking isn’t gone, it might be worse. Also, you need to get all NEW rotors now!” I said “WHAT!?”. That is why I paid to have them resurfaced, which YOU claimed would delay the need for all new rotors any time soon! You have made this worse!!!! He then says, “well if you buy the rotors, we’ll put it on for free”. This was when I knew they had messed up my car! There is no way he would offer that if they didn’t CREATE the problem! I told him I wanted it in writing (which he gave) knowing that I was going to take this a step further today! My patience had run thin at that point. My smile turned into anger because all I could think about was the fact that I had no only lost money (including having to rent a car unexpectedly) & I did NOT feel safe!! He & the “other manager” could not care less. They were ready to go!!

As I get in my car to start it, guess what? It was dead! My battery was out! I lost it at that point! I went back in & yelled “now my car won’t start & my window won’t go up!”. Curtis then says, well it actually died before & I had to jump it. Why wouldn’t he have said that earlier? Was he really ok with letting me leave knowing that he killed my battery too? He even admitted that they kept my car RUNNING the entire time I was there. That was OVER an hour! So they killed my battery, didn’t fix my brakes/rotors, took my money & had the audacity to insult my intelligence & claim all these issues were there before! He even lied saying that my battery was 6 years old not knowing that I know how to read battery warranties. It is a high quality battery purchased in 10/2014 & is a 5 YEAR battery. That is an entire year & a half from now & more-so I had NO issues before!!!! Now my lights go in & out, the knocking noise is MUCH worse when I brake, I am afraid to drive my only form of transportation & there is a brake sensor now showing that wasn’t showing before so I CANNOT get my state required inspection done which expires THIS month! This is UNACCEPTABLE & not going to be brushed off!

I told him to walk away from my car because I was more than angry & would take this above their head & contact my lawyer! They were gone within minutes because AGAIN, they didn’t care!

Ironically I drove to a nearby business to calm myself down & was told by that business owner that they TOO were gauged by that location. We agreed that being women played a role in that & we felt discriminated against! She told me that her employee had her oil changed there (Infinity) & they forgot to add the oil! She was so detailed & passionate about her experience that I knew she was telling the truth! That should never happen! My lawyer has been contacted, I am now contacting EVERY local news station to alert others about this. Oh & don't bother contacting corporate (Chris Peterson @ 1-877-912-7253 & Armando.Flores@BrakeCheck). They don't respond to customers although they are a part of "CUSTOMER CARE". This is just the beginning...

Product or Service Mentioned: Brake Check Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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