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I had taken my car to brake check and they changed my brake pads and supposely had resurfaced my rotors... I had to bring my car back 2 days later and they relpokes at my brakes and did a test drive and said my brakes was fine now...

I am having the same problem with my rotors they still have that grinding feel when i stop too fast and i am afraid to drive my car cause i am afraid of injuring mysel my family if needing to stop immedately or injuring someone elses family... I am tired.of being patient i see now my next step is reaching out to the top corporate office and my next step will be getting legal so that i can drive my car knowing my brakes is fixed and safe to drive... I have taken my car also to nissan dealer and they said i need to change rogors and who ever did my rotors ripped me off and if i dont take care of this i will cause more damage to my car... I have a 2014 Nissan rogue select with a warranty on my vehicle...I have missed a day off work to bring my car back and still the same problem i have paid my to get the my rogor problem fixed and i am not happy at all...

Please call me at 832 729 4685 Chalissa Tyler if you need receipts i do have them both with me... I look forward speaking with someone soon hopefully...


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