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Is the Brake Check Corp office involved in these schemes also, makes me wonder, they do nothing to correct any defaults. Got a lifetime alignment for my pu, took it back about 6 months later for service of the same, was told it was my left front hub assembly that was bad.

I told them to fix it. Went somewhere with my wife and upon returning, they had replaced both sides. I informed them that the one on right side was brand new, just a couple of weeks old, they still insisted it was bad. Ok I said but give me back the part they took off.

They gave me an old part, told them that the one Iyou pulled off was brand new, finally gave me the one that they took off. Took it back to Auto zone they checked it and nothing was wrong but they still gave my money back. Brake Check never got the wheel alignment right so I took it back last week. The right front wheel had movement in it since I told them to replace the hub assembly since it had a lifetime warranty on it, they said it was the tie rod bushing, told the that everything on front suspension was brand new.

So they left a cam bolt loose and it was pulling to right, said it needed a longer cam bolt, no such thing.

A mechanic friend of mine adjusted the cam bolt back to the markings and I haven't had a problem since. Thought about getting in touch with their Corp office but ai now think that all this in part of their training by Corp office.

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