I'm an Ex Employee of Brake Check and you guess it we are trained to get as much money out of you that we can. If it means using words like..."we don't want anyone killed driving this vehicle" One day a customer came into my store and said he was on highway and brakes failed, after having them done with Brake Check.

After the inspection was done....we found that it was a techs error in the reassembly of the brakes that caused them to go out.

Was told by management not to say anything to customer...and try to get more money out of them! After that I left Brake Check for good.

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San Antonio, Texas, United States #1324902

Former Store Manager with Brake Check in San Antonio, TX. I only lasted a few weeks with Brake Check.

They train you (THIS COMES STRAIGHT FROM THE OWNERS OF BRAKE CHECK) to lie, steal, and cheat EVERY CUSTOMER that has the unfortunate idea of walking through those doors for an honest experience, and if they have the misfortune of actually getting work done on their vehicle, God help them.

The most immoral company I have ever had the displeasure of working for. If you have a conscious, don't even apply.


Brake Check doesn't just rip off their customers, they rip off their employees. If they get hurt, they have to work or not get paid.

If they don't get all of their paycheck, they tell them it will be put on a cash card and then the pay card magically disappears, they're not paid their vacation when they leave the company, and if they fail to sell you everything you don't need, they get demoted. If their managers hit quota, they won't promote them -- they keep them going by telling them they have new quotas. They work so many hours that they basically get paid min. wage to slave away in the heat 6.5 days a week at 40+ hours a day.

Is this how you want your mechanic treated when he's working on your vehicle? I've not met a single employee who loves their job. I'm sure there's one or two, but I've never met them. They promise you 65K or more a year, blow sunshine up your *** and it never happens.

Never. The only ones making that much money are the family.

And no, a lot of them don't know what they're doing because Brake Check doesn't give these guys time to learn, pay for them to go to school or have barely enough real mechanics to train those who come in with no experience.

It's "Sell or Be Unemployed". And they do, do that right.

San Antonio, Texas, United States #600672

Unless your an expert mechanic,"Google it" next time you need service on your car...car repairs should be second nature to guys and now a days girls too. Due diligence my friends is the answer to your grief. BTW I believe Brake Check listened and I hear and have experienced excellent service and repairs from them these last few years.They do "Do it Right"


These people need to be shut down forever they don't deserve any stars but this site requires that I give them at least 1 before it will place my comment out there. 1st off my wife went to Brake Check just have the brakes, just to get an estimate.

But Brake Check in there wisdom told her that she had to turn the rotors. She has a Toyota Tercel and the dealer ship who is on the other side of Research Blvd has informed her that factor specifications says not to turn the rotors. That because they did they destroyed them. And naturally they would admit their fault.

Next one of my friends when into brake to just get his pads changed. Brake check argued with him about he had to turn the rotors. My friend told either just put the pads on or I am out of here. Reluctantly they agreed but it was a fight to make them to do it.

Finally the best for last. I have another friend that went to Break Check who had to keep going back for months because they could not get it right. He would beg them to just make his car functional. After one of the repairs he lost the front wheel at 45 miles per hour.

It got so bad on one of the battles to get his car fixed they called the police on him and nearly got him thrown in jail. I don't who this woman is maybe she is related to someone who works at Brake Check. At any rate I have never had anybody tell me they have had a god experience with Brake Check. If you don't believe me just go to this web site.

I am in the process in bringing the attorney down on top of these people. If you don't believe me just enter Brake Check complaints on goggle. I am in the process of bringing the Attorney General of the State of Texas down on top of these people.

They need to go to jail. I wish the best for you but if you go to Brake Check you take you’re life in your own hands


I went to the Brake Check on 2920 in Spring because my brakes squealed. Over $600 later, and with a receipt for front and back brake repairs, I drove out and my brakes still squeaked.

I went back and the service writer drove my car and told me it was the suspension, and that would be another $600. So why did they fix my brakes?

Anyway, that didn't sound right, so I went to Firestone awhile later and paid for a $21 brake check. They said my front brakes pads were almost gone and had not been replaced! I had them fixed at Firestone, and they sound great.

I feel very ripped off, but will not go back to brake check.


After reading these reviews, I am picking up my car first thing in the morning, and getting out of dodge!


I took my car to Brake Check in Pasadena to have a needed brake job and shortly after I left they started squealing. I took it back and they said the calipers were rusted and they can try to clean them for $120 but if that didn't work they would need to be replaced for $300.

That didn't sound right since aluminum doesn't rust and there were two other customers there bring their cars back for similar problems.

I took it to another mechanic who said they had put two outside pads on one side and two inside pads on the other side. I know they were going to charge me $120 to "clean" the calipers then another $300 to replace them but actually only rearrange the pads to fix the problem.


Look its the truth who cares if you call corporate.... look up one ripoffreport.com they even show that well they wont call you back why cause they already have your money...

everytime we sell brakes we are forced to sell as much as we can or else they cut our hours or they threaten to fire us..... most of the times a rebuild would never be recommended... by looking inside a caliper there is no judgement to be made.... also a rebuild will not stop rust from forming back up.....and no a rebuild will not make your brakes stop squeeking....

if you have oem pads and shims and a uniformed surface then you should have no problems but we use the cheapest parts money can buy..... i seen managers who put people in a very "eire" situation hint hint... oh by the way i like the woodlands.... i have seen them lie to a customer and recommend struts becuase of a torn boot that is only there as a cover and not a sealed component...

i believe they would sell a transmission to their own mother.... these guys are crooks....

they pay the employee minimum wage thanks to anthony berten.... to make a maximum profit and all though there are some who are real techs most here are learning on your car......


ugh i still hate the red pads.....


they are the worst shop ive ever been to. took 4 hours for a alignment.

which wasnt even the problem i had bad ball joints and they didnt even look at it.

mechanics didnt know what they were doing. dont recomend them to anyone.


I know that service companies in the automotive repair industry are automatically mistrusted. Most people believe every mechanic, plumber and air conditioning repair man is out solely to get the money in their wallet.

But it just isn't true. Sure there are some bad manager's out there and techs sometimes make mistakes, but I can affirm that we try to do it right for every customer, every day. This review is troubling and some of the comments too. It is most certainly not our policies to force customers into unneeded repairs.

With the amount of vehicles we see each year, with our specialty in brakes, we see enough customers that we know to recommend service on the five most common wearable items in a braking system. However, they are only recommended unless we see major part failure, in which case, we tell the customer it is a definite need. We preach to our store management that we show the good, the recommends and the needs and let our customers tell us what they want serviced.

It's never been our policy to force a package on a customer. If any customer feels undue pressure, please contact the corporate office at 1-877-912-7253 and ask for Customer Service.


I had an 03 Silverado with a slight squeel in what appeared to be front brakes. Went to these guys on FM1960 north of Houston. Was told pads and rotors were fine but I had a caliper in the rear sticking that needed rebuilt for $500. or replaced for $700.+ and a leaky shock that would be add'l.

They even showed me the parts on the truck and where they said it was apparent they were bad. I though the price seemed high and had them put my truck together so I could leave. Suddenly the pricing got better and the conversation about my truck being unsafe to drive in this condition. I insisted.

After taking it to the dealer to check out, I was told the shock they showed me on my truck was no longer the original shock that came with it. They had actually installed a leaky shock so they could sell me their overpriced shocks. The caliper was not sticking and I was told I was in good shape. The guy at the dealer even put some sort of clay type stick on the pad face and no more squeek.

The bill for my dealer repair? $0.00 and a recommendation that I head back to Brake Check and get back my original shock put back on. They denied and refused they'd done anything to my truck. My neighbor who I told the story, offered to put on new rear shocks for me for free if I'd buy a couple. He and I did it and I bought the beer and lunch and handed him tools.

Don't trust these folks at BC.


they also use extremely low quality brake pads so you will have to come back within a few month span. they warranty out your brake pads but get you on the 25 dollars a rotor to resurface them.

the labor on the work and try to get you for caliper rebuilds or any other thing they can get you with.

just coming back with a squeak a month later can easily cost you 160 bucks you shouldn't have had to spend if they didn't use such low quality pads. also they expect you to be dishonest and sell things the customer doesn't need






Brake Check used to be a good place to work.Owner cared about employee's and customer's. Now it's all about the money (what can you do for me). If you don't sell what they(the owners)want you get terminated.Taking care of the customer so they will return and recomend their friends is no longer the goal of management,no longer is Brake Check any where close to what it used to be.


"Irish" is obviously still employed with Brake Check and is probably the one who reassembled the customers brakes incorrectly.

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #140929

You obviously got fired and are lying.

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