i have done an oil change and Alignment for the First Time @ Brake Check in pasadena tx,,and it look like its my last time..... oil change was done on the 22 of October 2011,,, and today is November the 7th, the car has no oil...it was leaking all this time....and today when i saw lots of oil went undrneath the car to find out that the oil panel lug nut is loose.....it cannot be tightn.....i was in Robstown TX called and spoke to 2 managers. first one Said go to the dealer and get the Lug Nut....second one told me hes gonna call his manager and see if he can tow my car to his shop...and never heared from him again....he couldnt even call me back and tell me that they can't tow the car.

so, i had top act on my own, i towed my car back to Houston "its a 4 hours drive" i paid 950, i took a taxi for 500 and rented a car for 225 and took my car to the small repair shop, and he fixed it just fine for 47, now the district manager is "OFFERING" me to pay me 225"rental", 47"repair", and only 250"towing"....funny haa!!!!!!

i don't Recomend them for any one......they rip off.....and they don't care about you, or about your only way of transportation......

Review about: Brake Check Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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When a company advertises a $99 brake job and is forced to include a disclaimer that says the average brake job is $750, that may be an indication you should go elsewhere.

Replacing pads and rotors can be done by a monkey in your driveway in about a half-hour, it's not rocket science.

Sure, there are complex and expensive repairs on the brake systems of newer cars, but that's not something most people are going to encounter.

A friend went to Brake Check near 610/Stella Link for a non-specific noise. When she paid her $4500 bill, she still had the noise.

Many companies, not just automotive, sell people stuff they don't need.

HVAC is pretty sleazy, but car repair is the worst.

When you read 66 complaints against one company and they are all the same - poor work, misleading pricing, unnecessary services - that's the corporate culture, not a few bad apples. This company was called Brake-O in the 1970s and John Peeveto used to do the commercials himself. The company logo was an alligator, and even then, he was biting consumers in the ***.

Do yourself a favor: Never go anywhere that advertises a free or $9.99 oil change. Once you are there, they are going to sell you something, and it's going to be something exoensive, whether you need it or not.


Way to spend too much money when you were offered a better solution apparently. ***!


I again would like to apologize that this experience didn’t turn out completely like you wanted. Here at Brake Check we do our best to work with everyone and every situation.

After your call, we suggested towing your vehicle to the nearest shop for repair, and we would take care of the tow since there was a Brake Check within 12 miles of Robstown. We offered that to save you on any other expenses like the cab fee and rental car.

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