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Do not take your car at brake check in the Woodlands; they will push unnecessary repairs on you. I went to Break Check in the Woodlands because just needed to do an alignment, I was told it will cost around 60 dollars and it will take about an hour.

I waited there for my car for an hour and 40 minutes and I found out that they have not done anything on my car. The manager asked me go to the repair area are started telling me that I need to fix things that didn't need and didn't have to do anything with my alignment job and they told me it Will cost 880 dollars. I was so angry; I asked them to give my car back so I can leave.

Later I found out that this is their way of convincing client to do useless repairs. Trust me do not take your car to this location they are very dishonest.

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Cialino, From our notes on this complaint, I see notes that you spoke to our DM Anthony on 1/30/12. I am not sure where the misunderstanding is, and we would like to resolve this issue. Please contact me, my email is or call me toll free at 877-912-7253.


I was not contacted… what a SURPRISE... off course they are not going to contact me to apologies or even explain to me why they kept me waiting there for 1 hour and 40 minute.

Or tell me how a $60 dollars alignment job became suddenly a $880 dollars.

If you have any self-respect for yourself you will not take your car to them because they are disrespectful and they mislead you about repairs on your car. Just don't take your car to Break Check in the Woodlands trust me.


I am sorry to hear of the disappointing experience you had at Brake Check. In order for our business to improve we must listen to our customers and respond to their feedback, both positive and negative.

I have sent this comment to the Division Manager, who is over this store so that he can be aware of the situation and talk to his staff about the problem. He will be contacting you about this situation. Thank you for your time.

We hope we can get to the bottom of this and win you back as a Brake Check customer. You can email us at or call 877-912-7253 and ask for customer service, Patricia

to Patricia, Customer Service Coo #813978

Hello John,

I almost had a heart attack when I took my Mercedes S500 to the Branch #525 at Chimney rock Southwest Freeway in Houston. The manager Mike Ochoa conned me into the store with a $49 per brake job this Wednesday.

I was there at the shop from 9 till 6 and left with a groaning car and a bill of $934! They could not find a caliper to replace on driver-side rear. So I had to go back today after the part arrived. They coaxed me into doing an alignment but could not.

When I said I was not happy they totally damaged control arms and to my shock, made the car non drivable. Complete and deliberate manslaughter of this beautiful s500 which I had to get it towed to the Dealership on flatbed. The steering wheel would just spin around! I had called 911 to press charges on James Shim but instead they told me to go through my attorney.

They only called for the tow. This you should know. I have nothing more to say against Mike Ochoa except that he fled the scene and of course conned me into doing unnecessary repairs like alignment and resurfacing rotors and struts. He is a nice mannered gentleman who was following ???company practice but has shallow knowledge.

However James who is the only trained worker has been extremely rude and used brute force on my vehicle. It is now at the Mercedes dealership where I have to waste another day on Monday.

I am an urgent care physician and wasted 2 days already including this Mother's day week end. Please get in touch with me at 832-646-1810 /( nobody gives me your number.

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