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I worked for them till mid 2011 and the manager Roland was supposed to make sure i got my last check for 40 hours of pto and i never got any of it... so now to the good stuff the managers are a bunch of liars...

especially the d.s.m. patrick.... they lie to customers and try to bully them and tell them that they need certain "safety" equipment like struts just because a dust boot is torn.... sorry but thats not a need for a repair...

or they will recomment to replace pads that have half life left... they also tell you that you need caliper maintenance ...why because you are paying 75 dollars for 1 dollar worth of parts... and usually the mechanics wont even do it because they dont make much of any money and it is time consuming.... this shop will rob u if you let them....

they try and sell things you dont need as well like rotors or a rotor resurface not every brake job needs one but they will recommend it 100 percent of the time.... oh and finally they hire just about anyone they even got a registered sex offender in some of there shops...they dont care.... they pay minimum wage and well they even steal from the employees i remember catching them doing things like changing the hours we worked and trying to clock us out for lunches we didnt take...

dont trust them... always get a second opinion

Review about: Brake Check Repair.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Sorry the holidays got away from me, and I didnt see your post. I am emailing you now.



I was wondering if you could send me an email to because i am not able to access my army account at the moment for security reasons... thank you last we spoke the email said that i had only 3 days of pay when it was supposed to be 5 days and a total of 40 hrs


Awesome, got your information,I will email you there from now on.




I hope I haven't lost you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Maybe give me your email, and I can chat with you that way. My HR department inquired if I had heard back from you.

Hope all is well, and May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.



What is your personal email? Let me try email you from here first, maybe.


Try this email,


I tryed to use those emails and it wont go threw? do you have a personal email?


HR has gotten back with me and that's not matching our numbers. So we have gone further to see what kind of solutions we have.

Our CFO, suggested if you have a designated person who helps you with your business accounts to contact me. I would need a voided check from them , with your bank account information listed. So we could deposit it directly. Please email me directly at or, of the person who handles this for you and there contact information.

I hope to resolve this soon for you. Patricia


I have called HR gave her the information you gave me. So I expect in a day or so, I will be sending you another message that its deposited.

So I am sorry about your experience here. We have made alot of changes since you were here. I am new,I started here just a few months ago and working with the DM's and corporate office on handling complaints.

So I appreciate that you put this out there, and that we are going to be able to resolve this for you. Blessings and I will be in touch.



wow thank you very much for the help... I felt wronged when i didnt get paid but this will help out alot and make atleast this right and yes i still have my pay card the last four are 8830 thank you for the help


wow thank you very much for the help... I felt wronged when i didnt get paid but this will help out alot and make atleast this right and yes i still have my pay card the last four are 8830 thank you for the help


I am happy to report that my checking into this matter we did find, that Patrick had even signed for the PTO but was not turned in. So yes we do owe you money?

HR has been wonderful helping me do the research on this. I need your you still have your pay card? If yes, I need your last four numbers so we can deposit the money to it? If I have this information by no later than wednesday, I can get it to you by this Friday.

If you could call me, this would speed it up, but I also understand you are not in the same country. So I will do my best to keep a very close eye on this and look for your response.



well if you really wanna know yeah the va bought me all of my tools.... and yes i did get on the net just like every other employee when no cars were available.....

should i look busy when my paycheck is based off commission... i mean really but why are you mad? and yeah i did quit on the spot when i seen i didnt get paid i dont work for free you possibly do but well i dont.... and if you really wanna know yeah i am hired....

im contracting with the army, and as far as working at this place i wouldnt blame the company for the things that were happening its simply the people who were doing a *** poor job at managing it..and yeah i am a great tech one of the few who is ford certified.And really if you got an issue then do something when you see me till then bump your gums.

Guess you expect an employees attitude to be great while things are not being run right and people are being harassed and there is a hostile work environment because no one is happy. but then again i guess you would be able to see that in the retention of employees right.


wow...did you really just put a superiors phone number on a public website???...maybe you should have mentioned how you just quit with no were probably feeling ok about stiffing management that day considering all you did at brake check was...chin ups in the back room...or maybe it was the weight lifting of the soap buckets...or maybe it was sleeping in the lobby...or maybe it was playing on your laptop so you can check out how many fat girls liked your status on plenty of while you were on the got away with a lot there kid...all you did was complain...i guess you goin out and lookin for a job was too much trouble for you...or maybe people wouldnt hire you with all that flea market jewelry you wear...oh and all the whining...the VA is screwin with me because they wont give me 10k dollars in believe everything anyone tells when people say, "your a great tech"...keep runnin your mouth kid...


looks like you aint gonna get paid dude sucks to work for a *** company


Thank your for your response, and your service in our military. I am passing this information on to my boss, and I will be checking on this.

I apologise for taking so long getting back to you. I am not sure why your response didnt generate an email me to me, it should have.

We will be checking on this, now that I have more details. Again thank you for your honesty.



Well thank you to responding to my issues that i am having with the company and by check i mean electronic not an actual check... i worked there till last july before deploying back to afghanistan so you have to understand the reason i can not call.

I worked at brake check 543 in the woodlands for about a year until i quit because of the simple fact that the employee hours were usually altered or there were other things that were being dont to screw us out of money... because managers could not be promoted unless they displayed profits and being able to manage shop pay per tech and the profits it would make per week... I was shorted 40 pto hours from a break that i took the week before i was supposed to get paid i was tired of being mistreated as an employee so i quit on the spot after coming back for about a day because i seen my pto that was approved was not being honored.... now Roland who was the manager said he would take care of it and didnt...his number in case you need it is 7!3-825-2953......

also i was told Patrick would make sure it was taken care of and that guy does nothing but sit in his car watch u tube videos in the lounge area and doesnt even help the managers when he would come over..... that guy is a joke...

but this is just my opinion. My last name is Nino, i worked very hard for this company and even had customers ask for me by name and request that only i work on their car yet i could not stay working at this particular shop with all the issues and shady things going on..


In order for our business to improve we must listen to our customers and respond to their feedback, both positive and negative. I have contacted our Human Resorce Department to try and locate you.

After talking with Abbey we do not hold checks. So please contact us and make sure that this gets handled for you. Brake Check is an American company. Brake Check specializes in providing different service to help the customers keep their vehicles safe and avoid problems with their cars: brake jobs, shocks and struts check, oil change, wheel alignment, tires rotation and balance, battery change, CV boot inspection, and so many other related services.

The company claims that Brake Check brake jobs extends beyond the pads and shoes; their professionals check everything starting from the pedals to the wheels.

Brake Check offers a free brake inspection and a free battery check to its customers.

Please feel free to contact me directly at Brake Check Customer Service, 877-912-7253. Patricia

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