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I worked for this company for five weeks and I saw 12 cars damaged. In my last two wekes I saw three cars permanently damaged by one store: a Lexus 350 where they forgot to torque the wheels - Thea wheel came off.

2nd, the left the oil cap off of a Jaguar causing the engine to smoke and stall; 3rd, they forgot to fill up th eoil after an "oil change," killing the engine.

The owners drive from store to store harrassing the employees. The employees are usually felons who cannot find work elsewhere and they are usually preoccupied with their smoking and joking and cell phones.

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As an ex b.c. employee, (who left for a better job opp.) I can honestly say your defense is meaningless, you guys park across from stores and spy on the techs, you bring in your wifes or relatives vehicles and get the work done for free so you rob the techs from that pay, and not to mention in all the stores I visited during my employment atleast one lift was out of service.

Perrin beitel was the worst one oh and I might add that all your alignment machines are probably from when you opened in 1968, why do you blame employees for comebacks when its been proven the pads you purchase are sub-par? ;)


I understand that you are no longer employed at Brake Check and may not be happy with your unemployment status. And I want you to know that you can contact me at anytime with questions or concerns. However, I cannot accept unsubstantiated attacks on our reputation such as this to be put out on the Internet without defending ourselves.

We are a family-owned and operated company where the owners, David and I, take an active role in teaching, training and motivating our front-line employees. We strive to build a cohesive Do It Right culture where employees are trained procedurally to do the best work for each customer who comes through our doors, from line-item pricing to our open shop policy. And we take pride in the fact that we have been in business since 1968 in an industry that sustains itself primarily on word of mouth recommendations.

In regards to the damage claims made, we have no record for these instances. And while we can’t claim to have never made a mistake, we always do our best to get the job done right or make it right if needed.


John Peveto, III

President & COO

Brake Check

to John Peveto III, Owner Tomball, Texas, United States #688079

Mr. John Peveto, my girlfriend has been harassed by an employee at the klein Tx, 2920 location, by an employee name Adrian "AJ" Rodriguez.

He used her personal information to harass and intimidate her. She works in close proximity to the Brake Check location and is truly scared. The store manager Marcus went to bat for the employee saying that he simply was interested in the services that her place of business offers. Corporate manager Allan, has been doing NOTHING but the run around.

This is EXTREMELY frustrating and every avenue of resolution is now being considered after all of the non, and negative, action done by your company.

This is a SERIOUS issue, what if this was your wife, sister, or daughter?? All the information posted leaves PLENTY of methods of attempted resolution.

to John Peveto III, Owner #808389

Dear John,

As im sure you have heard i've had my antique/Restored Jaguar XJ6 damaged by your Pearland, Tx. Store. Please contact me about thiz matter.

David Ryan




to John Peveto III, Owner #813976

Hello John,

I almost had a heart attack when I took my Mercedes S500 to the Branch #525 at Chimney rock Southwest Freeway in Houston. The manager Mike Ochoa conned me into the store with a $49 per brake job this Wednesday.

I was there at the shop from 9 till 6 and left with a groaning car and a bill of $934! They could not find a caliper to replace on driver-side rear. So I had to go back today after the part arrived. They coaxed me into doing an alignment but could not.

When I said I was not happy they totally damaged control arms and to my shock, made the car non drivable. Complete and deliberate manslaughter of this beautiful s500 which I had to get it towed to the Dealership on flatbed. The steering wheel would just spin around! I had called 911 to press charges on James Shim but instead they told me to go through my attorney.

They only called for the tow. This you should know. I have nothing more to say against Mike Ochoa except that he fled the scene and of course conned me into doing unnecessary repairs like alignment and resurfacing rotors and struts. He is a nice mannered gentleman who was following ???company practice but has shallow knowledge.

However James who is the only trained worker has been extremely rude and used brute force on my vehicle. It is now at the Mercedes dealership where I have to waste another day on Monday. I am an urgent care physician and wasted 2 days already including this Mother's day week end.

Please get in touch with me at 832-646-1810 /( nobody gives me your number.

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