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On Dec. 31, 2015 I went to Brake Check #546 , located 7205 South Loop East, Houston Tx 77087 for service on my breaks for my 2000 Izusu Rodeo. Upon leaving the store I informed the manager that my breaks were not working properly. I stated to him that they were not making that grinding sound when I came to the store. He came out and mashed on the break pad and said that I needed a booster. I... Read more

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I went to have The ball joint fix and for one size they charge me 1000 I need for some one from corp. to check on this...........before I go to the news paper and tell them how they took me I 'm very upset and I will make sure that other people will know what kind of business they have I am on social security and I think they figure they could do this I went to a other place and they said I was... Read more

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On Sat. Sep10, 12pm I brought my car into BrakeCheck to get my brakes serviced only to have them tell me 5hrs. later their sending my car to a dealership to be fixed. Without any effort on their end I find it extremely irritating that I have to call the Research Blvd. Location to get any sort of update about my vehicle which they've had now for 3 days & counting for a standard brake &... Read more

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This is a horrible place, they RIP you off and force you to pay more for something that should have been taken care of prior to. I'm filing a complaint! I went in for squeeking brakes...Angel the manager (who is now terminated, go figure) gave me a long list of things that needed to be taken care of. I pondered, but eventually gave in to the 600 total. I don't want the problem to become worse. ... Read more

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Needed to have front brakes fixed. Front brakes received new pads and the rotors were refaced. Drums were cleaned & adjusted, DOT brake fluid was replaced after bleeding and flushing, and all 4 wheels were aligned, as written up in the invoice, a total of $216.39. The car was test driven. Arriving at my home, appx. 3 miles away I slowed to pull into my driveway, but I "passed up my house"... Read more

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They left my oil fill cap loose, therefore I was left to clean up a big mess! Add comment

So, on 5/14/15 I went to the Corpus Christi to visit a friend and had some time to kill before she got off work, so I went to the 5618 SPID location to get my oil changed, simple right? Wrong. At the end of an hour waiting to get the oil changed, I was then told that I needed a new air filter, fine no problem... I looked at my old one and sure enough it was pretty dirty. I told them I usually... Read more

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Brake Check - Review about Brake Service from Brookshire, Texas
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This is a result of me going to Brake Check in Pearland where Gus is the manager. I took my car in and been spending money on the same area ever since . One of the employees didn't put caliber bolt back in . This could've been drastic. I attempted to take care of problem with the manager but he just offered free oil change . Now I'm contacting my attorney about this matter. Read more

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This brake check at 1970 country place pkwy pearland tx is not trusted becarefull avoid before it is to late all they want is to fix something is not broken they just want to charge you $$$ they call you telling you this and that all lie after lie it is recommended if you do this and that instead fixing the problem you have. They are well trained to Confese you or Confuse you. Even you have life... Read more

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The employees don't know what the *** they are doing and they take to long. Add comment

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